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Who we are

The Wellbeing Company‚ĄĘ

Committed and deeply passionate about what we do.

Our Philosophy

Attollo is a Latin word that means; to lift up or elevate. 

We believe that the integration of wellbeing and work is the secret to elevating everything. It's crucial for sustainable performance, attracting and retaining talent, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. By embedding wellbeing practices, policies, and procedures throughout the employee lifecycle --- organizational culture shifts and creates a tangible difference for employees. And while the business benefits of wellbeing are undeniable, we believe prioritizing it is also just the right thing to do.

Our Promise

One of the reasons why organizations have very limited success with their wellbeing efforts is because they aren't measuring the components of wellbeing that have been proven to drive business performance. As a result, we make it a priority to put the right measurement systems and processes in place so that we can ensure you that by working with us, you will see in increases in the overall wellbeing of your workforce which, in turn, means improvements in the KPIs that matter most to you..

Our Team


At Attollo, our team combines expertise, passion, and a dedication to workplace well-being. With our blend of consulting knowledge and extensive Fortune 500 experience, we offer organizations effective guidance towards meaningful, sustainable change. This approach positively affects both employee well-being and the bottom line, employing a system designed to resonate with people and meet organizational goals.

Tim State, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tim has a passion for building thriving workforces and cultures that produce exceptional business results. A recognized innovator with over 25 years of F100 HR leadership, Tim has a broad business record leading innovative, pro-growth, large-scale transformation in areas such as Population Health and Well-being, Benefits, Compensation & Rewards, Positive Performance, Employee Engagement, M&A, and Human Capital Strategy. Tim is known for driving leading-edge workforce well-being strategies that boost human and organizational performance, improve health outcomes, and strengthen enterprise resilience and belonging. Over a distinguished 20 year career at Humana, he served in multiple senior HR leadership roles and as SVP Associate Health and Well-being, he led the company to become one of the nation’s most recognized employers for improving the health and well-being of its workforce.

Danielle Posa, Co-Founder & Chief Wellbeing Officer

Danielle is a seasoned management consultant with over 14 years of experience, dedicated to transforming workplaces into environments where wellbeing is at the forefront and the primary success metric. Starting her career at Gallup, she specialized in enhancing employee and customer engagement and worked closely with Dr. Deepak Chopra promoting Gallup's global wellbeing research. Later, as Director of Enterprise Solutions for Chopra Global, Danielle led B2B wellbeing strategies and co-designed a leadership course emphasizing wellbeing. Her personal journey as a cancer survivor fuels her passion for advocating wellbeing in society.

Nicole Carline, Business Development Lead

Nicole is a dynamic leader with a rich background in digital transformation and sales within the healthcare and technology sectors. Her achievements include leading a team to deliver a $50 million IT portfolio at Merck, winning the "Top Deal of the Year" at Microsoft, and surpassing sales targets at Microsoft, DynaVox, Boston Scientific, and Johnson & Johnson. Nicole's role in developing a healthcare accelerator at Microsoft aimed to cut customer costs by 50%. Her consistent performance at Johnson & Johnson earned her multiple sales awards, underscoring her exceptional track record and commitment to excellence. 

Geoff McDonald, Principal Consultant

Former Global VP of Human Resources at Unilever, Geoff is now a global advocate for mental health in the workplace and the importance of organizational purpose for business performance. Following his own battle with depression in 2008, Geoff found a new personal mission, leading him to leave Unilever in 2014 to focus on eradicating the stigma around mental health at work. He shares his impactful journey worldwide, drawing from extensive experience in HR, marketing, communications, and sustainability gained over 25 years with Unilever, across various global markets. Geoff's work emphasizes leadership, talent development, and purpose-driven business transformation.

Gary Hitchens, Strategic Advisor

Gary is the Founding Director of LIJU Consultancy and is known for his strategic prowess in leading businesses towards performance excellence from his Bristol base since November 2020. His tenure at Wolseley UK showcased his capacity for strategic leadership, including a focus on marketing and digital strategies, M&A activities, and customer service improvement. Gary's strategic acumen facilitated notable gains in market share and profitability, underpinned by his innovative approach to market segmentation and customer experience enhancement. His expertise in crafting and executing strategic plans has made a significant impact in the industry, distinguishing him as a leader in strategic development and implementation.

Daniel Shakhani, Strategic Partnerships

Daniel Shakhani, a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, has a unique talent for forging powerful partnerships that propel businesses forward. His exceptional ability to create strategic connections has significantly contributed to the growth and success of various ventures. Through co-founding Salary Finance, Daniel has demonstrated a profound commitment to financial wellness and inclusion, offering innovative solutions that enhance financial resilience and wellbeing for employees. This initiative reflects his deep understanding of the financial sector and his dedication to leveraging this knowledge for social impact, aiming to bridge the gap in financial education and access, and making a lasting difference in society's approach to financial health.